C. Brenhin Keller





Brenhin Keller received a B.Sc. from Cornell University in 2010 and a Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2016 before arriving at the Berkeley Geochronology Center. His research has spanned a range of topics from zircon CA-ID-TIMS geochronology to the temporal compositional evolution of Earth's crust. Current projects include collaborative work with a team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to redetermine several key U and Th isotope decay constants.

Selected Publications

Keller, C.B. and Schoene, B., 2018. Plate tectonics and continental basaltic geochemistry throughout Earth history. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 481: 290-304. doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2017.10.031

Keller, C.B., Boehnke, P., and Schoene, B., 2017. Temporal variation in relative zircon abundance throughout Earth history. Geochemical Perspectives Letters 3: 179-189. doi: 10.7185/geochemlet.1721

Deering, C., Keller, C.B., Schoene, B., Bachmann, O., Beane, R., and Ovtcharova, M., 2016. Zircon Record of the Plutonic-Volcanic Connection and Protracted Rhyolite Melt Extraction. Geology 44(4): 267-270. doi: 10.1130/G37539.1

Keller, C.B., Schoene, B., Barboni, M., Samperton, K.M. and Husson, J.M., 2015. Volcanic–plutonic parity and the differentiation of the continental crust. Nature 523: 301–307. doi:10.1038/nature14584

Keller, C.B. and Schoene, B., 2012. Statistical geochemistry reveals disruption in secular lithospheric evolution about 2.5 Gyr ago. Nature 485: 490–493. doi:10.1038/nature11024