Greg Balco

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Greg Balco is a glacial geologist, geomorphologist, and geochemist focusing on applications of cosmogenic-nuclide geochemistry and low-temperature thermochronometry to Earth surface processes.


Five interesting publications

Balco G., Purvance M., Rood D., 2011. Exposure dating of precariously balanced rocks. Quaternary Geochronology 6, pp. 295-303. Links: PDF ... Corrigendum .

Balco, G., 2011. Contributions and unrealized potential contributions of cosmogenic-nuclide exposure dating to glacier chronology, 1990-2010. Quaternary Science Reviews. 30, pp. 3-27 (invited review paper). Links: PDF

Balco G., Rovey C.W., II., 2010. Absolute chronology for major Pleistocene advances of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. Geology 38, pp. 795-798. Links: PDF... PDF supplementary data .

Balco G., Shuster D.L., 2009. Al-26 - Be-10 - Ne-21 burial dating. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 286, pp. 570-575. Links: PDF of article...Supplementary Table S1

Balco G., Stone J., Lifton N., Dunai T., 2008. A simple, internally consistent, and easily accessible means of calculating surface exposure ages and erosion rates from Be-10 and Al-26 measurements. Quaternary Geochronology 3, pp. 174-195. Links: PDF...Link to online exposure age calculators