SQUID 2 transforms raw-data files produced by a single-collector SHRIMP (Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe, produced by Australian Scientific Instruments) into not only isotope ratios, but also a wide variety of other parameters that extend into many fields of geochronology and isotope geochemistry – especially those of U-Pb and Th-U geochronology.

Input data can be via either *.PD or *.XML output files, which are immediately reformatted and placed in an Excel workbook. The input data are processed a a manner specified by the user and placed in additional worksheets of the same workbook, together with any specified graphics. Processed data is placed in an Excel workbook that, for most output parameters, makes the formulae used in each data processing step explicitly available to the user. Data are processed via user-defined Tasks, which can range from the straightforward to the very subtle and complex.


Requirements of SQUID 2

SQUID 2 is a VBA add-in program to Microsoft Excel 2003 (and older). SQUID 2 cannot function in the absence of Excel 2003. Excel 2007, 2010 and 2011 are not compatible. English versions of Windows and Excel are required.

SQUID 2 also requires the presence of Isoplot 3.75 as an existing add-in to Excel 2003.

The only way of running SQUID on a Macintosh computer is via Fusion or Bootcamp, hosting Windows 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 , under which Excel 2003 is running. Parallels and Crossover are not sufficient.

Unless used for processing the most simple of isotope-ratio data, SQUID 2 is not a program for the casual or nonprofessional user, especially when used for U-Pb geochronology. For U-Pb ages, SQUID 2 is designed for the experienced scientist with a firm understanding of the fundamentals of U-Pb geochronology, and the reliability of any quantitative conclusions can be trusted only to the extent of that understanding.


Development of SQUID 2 was funded by Geoscience Australia, together with:

Berkeley Geochronology Center
U.S. Geological Survey
Stanford University
All-Russian Inst. Geological Research
Australian National University,
Australian Scientific Instruments
Curtin University
Geological Survey of Canada,
National Inst. Polar Research (Japan)



Files for Downloading

arrow SqManual2.5.pdf

arrow Installation instructions for SQUID.pdf

arrow All SQUID 2.5 files.zip (contains all the files above plus the add-in itself)

arrow Isoplot3.75 files.zip     (all required Isoplot files)